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TeenageFarmer [entries|friends|calendar]

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[01 May 2006|12:32am]
[ mood | happy ]

So i don't put very much time into this thing usually ever.
I rarely use it, depending on certain times i guess i am a 'seasonal' livejournal user.
But today I feel like talking about what i did today cause it was such a good day, and i wanted just to get basic thought off of my head.
Its not really deep thought cause it is on livejournal.

On friday i went to Berkley with Gary, Jake, John, Spencer and myself, we we're gonna ride our bikes but my tire was being lame, but i got it all fixed now.
Spencer drove us there we went to Amoeba i bought:
Door Keys - "Greenwood Park Mall"
Madeline - "Kissing And Danceing"
and a Matty Pop Chart and Kimya Dawson split cd.
It was sweet, had a really good day in Berkley had good lunch, had a good time, listened to hickey on the way there.
That night we had pablo buy us booze, and got drunk listened to Matt sing about a night of being drunk and hot sauce on his ding dong and he was sober.
Matt went home then a little while after that..
Gary went home, it was me Jake and John riding around dublin drunk.
Came back home, wrote a song for 'Trash Hands' that was a good experience.
Went back out...fell on garys bike.

Saturday was
R.I.P. Button the cat
Trash Hands Practice
guitar center
gregs house
bike rideing

Sunday was
bike rideing to Danville
Rode on together destroying there evil with fredom our guide!
Practiced Trash Hands with gary.

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[24 Jan 2006|12:07am]
[ mood | crappy ]

so ive always sucked at calling important people back

and it sucks



helicopter blow out mouth thing(ask gary)

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today... [27 Dec 2005|02:06am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I spent almost 40 minutes in hot topic....
and almost liked it...
everything was nice accept for hot topic.

Today was the best day after christmas that ive ever had...and it wasn't because of christmas.

Got a digital camera that takes still images of real life stuff..that i shall post here in days to come.


good bye jane.

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disco bay. [23 Dec 2005|09:47pm]
[ mood | happy ]

once upon a time thur was me in discovery bay hanging out with old friends,
and rich new friends.
the night was well yeah...the night
miss hanging out with john mchphillips

lol...i updated my lj.

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[21 Dec 2005|12:00am]
gonna use this lj again....anyone still on my friends?
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[16 Aug 2005|02:31pm]
im josh mitchell and i like poooop.
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[22 Mar 2005|10:22pm]
fuck my other lj it was made sorta against my own will

even tho i made it

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The end. [14 Jan 2005|12:37am]
[ mood | accomplished ]

This is the last entry in this journal....I also made all the rest of the entries I didn't like privite...and left the ones I did like public...so there you have it...
No more teenagefarmerz the legacy of the name will be remembered forever!...err.
I will be getting a new journal soon(maybe)
And I will be changeing my screen name.

///next journal friends only.
///no one will miss this journal it sucked...I never had anything really interesting/good to type about...

And to remember what sort of time zone in my life I typed this....I'll just list some events/things/whateverz that are going on in my life...so I can come back to it and be like "o yea I remember that!" here it goes.

Copper Skillet
Family Counceling
Drug quitting
Journal in notebook
Valley High School....comeing up on one year.
Runaway Tim came out with Sarah C.C. a little bit ago.
Party at JAKES.
Parents going away for the weekend.(who knows whats going down with that.)
Nicole going away for 8 days(so lame) to0 D.C.
Counter Strike Source...Pandora's Box APEX
Nicole(not sister) dyed hair black
Tight pants.
Gary and Kristin lj flirting again(had to add that it seemed to happen alot in my journal when i was going over it)haha.
No more Kristin.
|-|311@ 1337 4@x0r
Sound system in room.(sorta)

I think thats it...in no specific order accept if I did, Nicole would hella still be at the top.


Good-bye TeenageFarmerz

and the story goes like this: everything went numb for the money and the guns
and everytime he'd think it out: "there's nothing to worry about
get in the van, don't deviate from the plan
if everything goes smooth then you'll walk away a rich man"

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Hm. No update in a while this one might be long. [30 Dec 2003|06:21pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

I will start this entry talking about last night.
Where it goes from there i do not know.

The Night:

Well Gary and his cousin Tyler came over.
I punched Cause his cousin beat me in foosball.
Matt came over sat around chatting.
Listened to this Tyler kid play guitar.
Played more Foosball.
Then everyone went home and I came inside.
Sat at my computer.
Started playing Diablo...It was nice me alone relaxing playing diablo.
And i thought to myself would could make it better.
A nice cold beer would make it better.
So I put a beer in the fridge and made myself a drink with rum and this cranberry stuff.
Then i was taking shots...
I did all that alone and still had a good time.
Anyways to the morning

When i was half asleep half awake in the morning i had a dream


Well I had a dream that one of my friend were staying the night at my old house.
And we were gonna drink.
I had some booze in the garge refridgeorator.
So i went to go get it and as i was opening the refridgeorator door i heard someone coming downstairs.
So i ran back inside.
And it was my mother and father.
They both decided that they were going to sleep on the couch.
My dad saw me and said:
"what are you doing down here go to bed, now!"
so i did.
I fell asleep
And in the morning(not in my dream but somewhat still in it)
I heard my mom open the garage and close it going to work
And i thought to myself


I left the door open.
Then i got all the way up.
And realized im not even living in that house anymore.
Good Dream huh?


Anyways after that dream.
I was quite dehydrated from last nights drinking.
And i started pictureing the orange juice in my mind.
I thought to myself i must have it.
So i get up and go to the refridgeorator.
And i pick up the orange juice and twist off its little cap.
And see that the seal is still on.
Myself being very tired.
I wrap my left arm around that orange juice and yanked on that seal as hard as i could.
There was orange juice everywhere all over me.
I stood there Drenched in Orange.
And said "fuck that sucked"
So started cleaning myself and the floor and everywhere else it got.
Then couldn't fall back asleep.

Alright enough of my lame ass story's about nothing.

Somthing to commment about:
What is your middle name?
Do you like it?
Hate it?
For fun.

me 1Collapse )
coolCollapse )
me 2Collapse )
cool2Collapse )
me 2Collapse )
Back in the good ol days ya!Collapse )
Nate!!!Collapse )
Have fun
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[20 Dec 2003|10:53pm]
[ mood | high ]

How im going to exploit my screen name.
As told to John:

TeenageFarmerz: o shit
TeenageFarmerz: crazy paino
TeenageFarmerz: music
TeenageFarmerz: from charlie brown and the crew
TeenageFarmerz: in a bathroom stall
TeenageFarmerz: im gonna put my sn
TeenageFarmerz: and im gonna put "teenagefarmerz IM me for a good time"
TeenageFarmerz: and then have big fat old guys
TeenageFarmerz: IM me
Sheepish231: lol
TeenageFarmerz: awsome plan huh?
Sheepish231: yeha except ti doesnt make sens
Sheepish231: e
TeenageFarmerz: yes it does
TeenageFarmerz: like if u put someone else number and u say "call this number for a good time"
TeenageFarmerz: its the same thing
Sheepish231: oh ok
TeenageFarmerz: just with Screen names
Sheepish231: hahah in school?
Sheepish231: thas funny
Sheepish231: do somthign like that for kyle like "for a good bj, IM germs082:

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[18 Dec 2003|04:35pm]
[ mood | creative ]

I have a poem that made me think.
So I decided to make a new entry.
The poem went like this.

Well Well Well,
Isn't that swell,
God is from hell,
So I must Rebell.

And I thought.
God is probably from hell.
But he wanted to be good so bad.
That he got his own little place called heaven.
And he was up their all alone.
Cause everyone was to evil and killed everyone so they all had to go to hell.
So God started making up these diseases to kill people from natural cause so they couldn't go to hell.
First he made AIDS cause he needed happy gay people to start the show.
Then he starting getting actors and actress's so he can have some entertainment.

Well after he got a good socitey of people.
He got bored again,
Started making wars down on earth
He thought "maybe I need some soilders"
What do you think WW1 was about?
It was that maniac in Heaven.
So when the next war breaks out,
Think to yourself...Was it us.....or HIM?!?!

Okay enough of that
What would be the best and worst way to die?
What would be the greatest way to die?
How would you want to die?
Comment...I wanna here what you gots to say.

Quote/lyric of the entry:
"You may be anti-racist but then your anti-gay"-Leftover Crack

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[28 Nov 2003|01:33am]
[ mood | amused ]

Well i think that says enough....
Here i am with a livejournal....
Add me and i will add you.....
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